9. The hunt for the barbarian king

January year 2

The map we found on an earlier venture shows us the way to the grave of a barbarian king, which shows to be easy to find using the map.
We find an opening in the tomb – from where it smells worse than the squalor in Tuskerkeep. The tomb contains cave paintings and fraises depicting barbarian life. We discover that the cave is filled with guano – and as the implications hit us, so does the wings and fangs of a bat swarm.

Filion starts to praise the deeds of the god Cayden Cailean to the benefit of all (luckily Iomedea takes kindly to all good deeds in this world) – so Balder Starfell feels no pressure or thunder stealing from Caydens hands… nope, none what so ever…
Luckily Iomedae feels Balders penis envy – and infuses him with 2 consecutive critical – bats and Guano flies everywhere.

Filion tries to aid the combatants but fumbles big time – again everyone is thinking the exact same thing – praise the one true god Iomedea rather than this drunken has been Cayden Cailean.
The rest of the party attacks the bats like Daniel Russo tries to catch flies at Mr. Miyaki.

The brave party continues further into the tomb – where we enter a circular room with a skeleton on the floor and the sides of the room depicts 4 screaming faces – Darko checks the room for traps and finds nothing. So Balder steps confident forward and releases a trap – the heads sucks out all the air in the room. Balder mumbles “If failure had no penalty success would not be a prize.” We hear crakling sounds from the north and south corridor – which is the forewarning of an undead pack that tries to ambush us!

The battle commences and the barbarian king makes his appearance “who dares to disturb my peas” – at least that’s how it sounds without vocal folds… Balder kills a couple of the skeleton – but Filion cleans house with a wave of positive energy.

The barbarian king proves difficult as the attacks have a hard time hitting him. Ludomir and Darko finally starts to show their worth with a well placed hit with the glaive and a couple of daggers. Balder can’t really get up to speed in this fight – but Darkos daggers are now extremely well honed and are hitting joints left and right. The spoils of war are a magical sword.



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