14. In the Lair of the Mountain King

It smells of dingaling

After having dealt with the two-headed troll, the party continues north, further into the cave system.

The cave to the north revealed three large trolls. Balder is grappled by one of them and he retreats back into the cave with Balder in a firm grip in his huge right hand. Darko and Ludomir charges forward, and plants their weapons in the troll that grappled Balder. Filion inspires courage in the party with his well-known stories of Cayden Caileans doings. Balder slips out of the firm grip and the troll slams down on the refugee, deling a lot of damage. Ludomir swings his glaive and kills the first troll.

Balder kills the second troll. Now one troll is left. Darko tumbles behind it and put it on fire with a dose of alchemists fire. Filion thrusts his spear into the third troll and kills it. The party set them all on fire to be sure they don’t resurrect.

In the back of the cave two paths leads north and west. To the west, a large green troll sits on a tree stump throne covered in hides. Two fires enlightens the room. To the north a dark room, filled with a pile a something and faint grunts from a troll maybe.. The party decides to gather their strength and set up camp for the night in the woods outside the cave.

They storm into the troll-kings chamber. Ludomir is enlarged, and the whole party is protected from evil by the powers of Aroden. Two trolls storm in from the north, so now two regular, a stone-troll and the king surrounds the little party.

Filion casts hold person on the stone troll that stands right in the cave entrance almost blocking off the other troll. Ludomir strikes the King twice. The king casts a firebolt that damages all in the room, inckuding himself and he drops dead to the ground. On the next hit from a troll Ludomir drops dead, but Balders lay-on-hands brings him back. The battle rages on, and the party health is dropping fast. Finally the last troll drops, but Filion has also gone to meet his maker. After having searched the place for various loot, the party brigs him back to Tusker Keep, praying that his strong ties to the Drunken Hero will help in his resurrection.



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