13. Double Troll Trouble


After having a run-in with a troll in down town Tuskerkeep, our heroes set out to deal with this rather large and regenerating nuisance.

Going by the rumors and the trail of stench they are led to a dwarven fortress, lacking of both dwarves and micro management. Instead it seems it is filled with trolls and their like. The entrance room contains two trolls who are swiftly dealt with in a surprise attack. The adventurers stop to admire the dwarven pictures carved into all of the walls and to reek over the stench of the troll toilet. They move on.

To everyone’s amazement Darko Daggermark overcomes his fear and is the first to sneak in and overcome his newfound fear of trolls by stabbing one in the back. Remember, Darko was thrown through a roof by the troll in Tuskerkeep and only barely survived.

Barking fills the room as the heroes combat the troll and its pet dogs, which seem to have been crossbred with trolls. After putting them down, two dogs more arrive. In the aftermath the troll and two of the dogs rise from their half death, but are quickly put down again, and burned properly into a awful smelling pile of dead trolls.

Our heroes continue into the more roughly built part of the fortress, where the ground the is rubble and there are no carvings on the walls. Following the sound of arguing troll voices they are lead to a dead end where a single troll stands, surprisingly. His one head is arguing with the other about the pentagram they have constructed using five heads, but only until both heads agree on smashing heroes.

The ensuing fight is complicated by a surprise troll-in-the-box blocking the path behind and slashing Filion in the back. The fight is then de-complicated by Ludomir double-decapitating the two-headed troll and finishing off the ambush troll.

The remaining pentagram seems amateurishly non-magical but Darko spots a mysterious inscription saying : “KARGAD KARGADD” along with some magic equipment.



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