12. Towering evil


The shadow that jumped forth from the tower, swiftly moved behind Ludomir and planted a large claw in the back of him. Surprised by swift move, Ludomir cant react before he is hit again and feel the poison on the creatures claw run through his body. Darko misses the green-grey leathery creature, but Ludomir gets a hit in, before he faints.

Balder and Filion joins the battle and Heals Ludomir. The creature runs away, and the next round another similar looking creature appears right behind Filion, and plant a poisonous short sword attack in him. Another wine-like plant creature is swiftly dealt with by Balder and Darko. But the two other assailants is nowhere to be seen.

Balder looks inside the tower in the middle as sees elves depicted following the seasons round the inner tower walls. Suddently on of the green-grey creature appears again in front of Balder, but he fails to hit him. Balder fumbles with his weapons, and cant hit back. Again the creature disappears as is he blurring in and out of this dimension.

Darko charges in through the middle tower to attack one of the creature he discovers lurking behind a tree on the other side of the tower, but as he reaches the middle of the tower the second creature appears and lunges at him. He misses, Darko hits but alas to no avail. At the same moment a purple gas shoots out from the sides of the tower, and affects Darko vision and judgement. Filion blinds one of the creatures by the spellpower of Cayden.

Balder and Darko makes their way through the puple gas cloud towards the creature trying to hide. With two great swings Balder kills him. The blinded one tries to run away but is stopped by a tree, and later surrounded by Darko and Filion he surrenders. Trying to get away again he is cleft in twain, by the angry party.

Balder examines the bodies of the two creatures and find them to be of the fey race.
Their cold bodies are looted and the party finds a leather armor of no value. Furthermore they find a short sword +1.

In the north west tower, behind the pile of skulls, the party finds a chest they break open. It contains some coins, jewelry and a short sword.

In the south west ruined tower, Darko finds a mithril figurine of the elven godess Findeladlara. A fitting trinket to give to the young female elf Lady Desire.

Just as Filion heals his companions around him, the party hears a female shout help from the top of the middle tower.
They set off the gas trap again, but rushes to the top. From inside the tower they see that there are windows on the walls and ceiling of the tower. A beautiful elven woman stands in the corner, and her beautiful dance makes Darko completely enthralled. Balder is enthralled as well as she moves to grapple and bite him. Ludomir and Darko remains under her spell but Filion and Balder breaks free of her charm. After many rounds of battle Balder finally takes her down. Her last shriek is a curse, but Balder escapes its effect.

The party searches the room and finds a life size statuette of a dancing elven woman. They also find a masterwork harp, and an elven water clock, and some other trinket, an elixir of love and some perfume.

The south eastern tower holds 1800gp worth of gems and some gold.

After a well deserved break back in Tusker Keep, the party regains all their drained abilities.



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