Boon Sunna

Harrier Monk dashing around the plains


Boon is a Harrier Monk using the archetype package which makes her exceedingly good at using movement during combat.

When using attacks, movement and combining the two she gains raid tokens which can be spend on improved movement or attack damage


Boon has been through a lot. Her husband died from one of the diseases passing through the village and the still young woman was left with their two children.

She won’t talk much about it, but she left her son and her daughter in foster care. She seems to have never forgiven herself of leaving them.

Maybe to balance the scales or maybe to make the world a better place for her children, she joined a temple. She was taught the ways of righteousness, swiftness and combat

From there she went on into the world to right the wrongs of the world and of herself.

Boon Sunna

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