15. Working Title

something something

14. In the Lair of the Mountain King
It smells of dingaling

After having dealt with the two-headed troll, the party continues north, further into the cave system.

The cave to the north revealed three large trolls. Balder is grappled by one of them and he retreats back into the cave with Balder in a firm grip in his huge right hand. Darko and Ludomir charges forward, and plants their weapons in the troll that grappled Balder. Filion inspires courage in the party with his well-known stories of Cayden Caileans doings. Balder slips out of the firm grip and the troll slams down on the refugee, deling a lot of damage. Ludomir swings his glaive and kills the first troll.

Balder kills the second troll. Now one troll is left. Darko tumbles behind it and put it on fire with a dose of alchemists fire. Filion thrusts his spear into the third troll and kills it. The party set them all on fire to be sure they don’t resurrect.

In the back of the cave two paths leads north and west. To the west, a large green troll sits on a tree stump throne covered in hides. Two fires enlightens the room. To the north a dark room, filled with a pile a something and faint grunts from a troll maybe.. The party decides to gather their strength and set up camp for the night in the woods outside the cave.

They storm into the troll-kings chamber. Ludomir is enlarged, and the whole party is protected from evil by the powers of Aroden. Two trolls storm in from the north, so now two regular, a stone-troll and the king surrounds the little party.

Filion casts hold person on the stone troll that stands right in the cave entrance almost blocking off the other troll. Ludomir strikes the King twice. The king casts a firebolt that damages all in the room, inckuding himself and he drops dead to the ground. On the next hit from a troll Ludomir drops dead, but Balders lay-on-hands brings him back. The battle rages on, and the party health is dropping fast. Finally the last troll drops, but Filion has also gone to meet his maker. After having searched the place for various loot, the party brigs him back to Tusker Keep, praying that his strong ties to the Drunken Hero will help in his resurrection.

13. Double Troll Trouble


After having a run-in with a troll in down town Tuskerkeep, our heroes set out to deal with this rather large and regenerating nuisance.

Going by the rumors and the trail of stench they are led to a dwarven fortress, lacking of both dwarves and micro management. Instead it seems it is filled with trolls and their like. The entrance room contains two trolls who are swiftly dealt with in a surprise attack. The adventurers stop to admire the dwarven pictures carved into all of the walls and to reek over the stench of the troll toilet. They move on.

To everyone’s amazement Darko Daggermark overcomes his fear and is the first to sneak in and overcome his newfound fear of trolls by stabbing one in the back. Remember, Darko was thrown through a roof by the troll in Tuskerkeep and only barely survived.

Barking fills the room as the heroes combat the troll and its pet dogs, which seem to have been crossbred with trolls. After putting them down, two dogs more arrive. In the aftermath the troll and two of the dogs rise from their half death, but are quickly put down again, and burned properly into a awful smelling pile of dead trolls.

Our heroes continue into the more roughly built part of the fortress, where the ground the is rubble and there are no carvings on the walls. Following the sound of arguing troll voices they are lead to a dead end where a single troll stands, surprisingly. His one head is arguing with the other about the pentagram they have constructed using five heads, but only until both heads agree on smashing heroes.

The ensuing fight is complicated by a surprise troll-in-the-box blocking the path behind and slashing Filion in the back. The fight is then de-complicated by Ludomir double-decapitating the two-headed troll and finishing off the ambush troll.

The remaining pentagram seems amateurishly non-magical but Darko spots a mysterious inscription saying : “KARGAD KARGADD” along with some magic equipment.

12. Towering evil


The shadow that jumped forth from the tower, swiftly moved behind Ludomir and planted a large claw in the back of him. Surprised by swift move, Ludomir cant react before he is hit again and feel the poison on the creatures claw run through his body. Darko misses the green-grey leathery creature, but Ludomir gets a hit in, before he faints.

Balder and Filion joins the battle and Heals Ludomir. The creature runs away, and the next round another similar looking creature appears right behind Filion, and plant a poisonous short sword attack in him. Another wine-like plant creature is swiftly dealt with by Balder and Darko. But the two other assailants is nowhere to be seen.

Balder looks inside the tower in the middle as sees elves depicted following the seasons round the inner tower walls. Suddently on of the green-grey creature appears again in front of Balder, but he fails to hit him. Balder fumbles with his weapons, and cant hit back. Again the creature disappears as is he blurring in and out of this dimension.

Darko charges in through the middle tower to attack one of the creature he discovers lurking behind a tree on the other side of the tower, but as he reaches the middle of the tower the second creature appears and lunges at him. He misses, Darko hits but alas to no avail. At the same moment a purple gas shoots out from the sides of the tower, and affects Darko vision and judgement. Filion blinds one of the creatures by the spellpower of Cayden.

Balder and Darko makes their way through the puple gas cloud towards the creature trying to hide. With two great swings Balder kills him. The blinded one tries to run away but is stopped by a tree, and later surrounded by Darko and Filion he surrenders. Trying to get away again he is cleft in twain, by the angry party.

Balder examines the bodies of the two creatures and find them to be of the fey race.
Their cold bodies are looted and the party finds a leather armor of no value. Furthermore they find a short sword +1.

In the north west tower, behind the pile of skulls, the party finds a chest they break open. It contains some coins, jewelry and a short sword.

In the south west ruined tower, Darko finds a mithril figurine of the elven godess Findeladlara. A fitting trinket to give to the young female elf Lady Desire.

Just as Filion heals his companions around him, the party hears a female shout help from the top of the middle tower.
They set off the gas trap again, but rushes to the top. From inside the tower they see that there are windows on the walls and ceiling of the tower. A beautiful elven woman stands in the corner, and her beautiful dance makes Darko completely enthralled. Balder is enthralled as well as she moves to grapple and bite him. Ludomir and Darko remains under her spell but Filion and Balder breaks free of her charm. After many rounds of battle Balder finally takes her down. Her last shriek is a curse, but Balder escapes its effect.

The party searches the room and finds a life size statuette of a dancing elven woman. They also find a masterwork harp, and an elven water clock, and some other trinket, an elixir of love and some perfume.

The south eastern tower holds 1800gp worth of gems and some gold.

After a well deserved break back in Tusker Keep, the party regains all their drained abilities.
11. Verdant Towers

We interogate the three prisoner witches: the leader, the blind and the tattletale. Balder explain to them that they should tell the truth to avoid Iomedei’s wrath. The tattletale and the blind one believe Balders threatening diplomacy and spill the beans under protests from their witch-leader, Nishka.

They don’t know much about the missing boy Tik, they appearently specialized in abducting babies, not all children. But they tell that the god Gerona spoke through Nishka and lead the group to destroy the fine Lordship around Tusker Keep. Nishka had told about an evil power and dark creatures lurking in the forest to the west. The two lesser witches are sent to work in the mines for their crimes while the leader is executed.

Marshal Soothscale has news about the travellers from down south who encounter more trolls than usual and they also confirms Nishkas stories about the western forests. Hunters are disappearing and people won’t go into the deepest parts of the forest.

After equipping Darko with the best map making equipment, we venture out west to see what going on. Walking through the forest on the first day our group is attacked hanging leaf tree attacks us out of nowhere. A quick battle results in “Timber!” but not before Balder hugs the tree (or vice versa) and Filion tells stories of how Cayden Cailean ripped a tree up by the roots.

The following day we find a tower on the horizon and look closer. It’s inside a ruined, circular keep with four towers set in the cracked walls, covered in vines. The keep is surrounded by towering, ancient trees draped with hanging moss. Everything seems to have been taken over by the forest and the doors of the gateway have long since rotted away. The portcullis falls down as we step inside the gateway, but a clever placement of tree trunks makes sure we can get out again.

We explore the northeastern tower, where light is sparse. Darko enters as the first, but when Balder, the giver of light, follows, he reveals that Darko is overrun by rats! Filion begins screaming with a magic spell, and the rats are stunned for a while, but so is Darko. The rest of the party charges in and while the rats splatter left and right, both Darko and Filion are infected with an ugly disease.

The next tower has the same kind of mystic runes as the one which cover the inside of walls. This tower is in a lot better shape than the rest. It both has intact doors and a roof. The door won’t open, though. Both Filion and Balder try to kick in the door. Balder powers through, though Filion knows that the real strength came through him from Cayden Cailien! Inside is small pyramid of white, clean skulls, shining a dim light without fire in sight.

A shadow moves shakily behind Ludomir… To be continued!

10. Which witch?

Returned from the tomb of the barbarian king, the rules of Daggermark are approached by Marchal Soothscale and Warden Akiros who bring news.
In unknown terrytory lizardmen roam and rumors have it they are responsible for the lost boy and in the last couple of weeks baby boys have vanished from their crips.
Futhermore the graveyard is still said to be haunted and people are getting uncomfortable by this.
First thing on the agenda is concegrating the graveyard.
A tomb stone with an ingravetion formed like a red eye. It bears the inscription “Here lies John Mason”.
The eye could be the symbol for the god Gyronna
The party waits for darkness to fall and observes the graveyard. Late in the night Darko hears a sound and see a shadow digging into a grave. Darko and Ludomir sneaks close. Balder sounds the alarm by shaking his armor in an feeble movement. It could not have been an atempt to sneak.
The shadow turns out to be a woman who tries to run. Ludomir shoots an arrow in her leg and Balder rides her over on his Phantom steed.
After some persuasion she admits to be a follower of Gyronna and spill the beans and tells the followers meet every night in a barn in the city. Using a secret hatch in the floor to access their secret chamber..
Balder opens the hatch and everybody hurries down the hole.
After decending Darko discovers a string from the hatch going though a wall – clearly an alarm.
The party forms formation in front of the only door in the empty room below the ladder. Balder opens the door – and the party can begin. The girls seems uninviting…casting spells.
Fillion got stunned by a sonic boost. The witches are cut down, but the head witch is proving hard to kill. Finally in a flurry of blows she goes down. Ludomir is temporarily down, but healing from Filion gets him back on his feet.
The last standing witch tries to run, but Filion blinds her and she bangs her head into the wall and knocks her self out.
Surprisingly the head witch is still alive and is taken prisoner along with the headbanger.
In the ajacent room is an alter with a pile of eyes and a ruby. 3 freakish and 4 normal children is crawling on the floor. All are taken unharmed.

The children are returned to their thankfull parents. +1 to Stability and +2 Loyalty for the realm.

9. The hunt for the barbarian king
January year 2

The map we found on an earlier venture shows us the way to the grave of a barbarian king, which shows to be easy to find using the map.
We find an opening in the tomb – from where it smells worse than the squalor in Tuskerkeep. The tomb contains cave paintings and fraises depicting barbarian life. We discover that the cave is filled with guano – and as the implications hit us, so does the wings and fangs of a bat swarm.

Filion starts to praise the deeds of the god Cayden Cailean to the benefit of all (luckily Iomedea takes kindly to all good deeds in this world) – so Balder Starfell feels no pressure or thunder stealing from Caydens hands… nope, none what so ever…
Luckily Iomedae feels Balders penis envy – and infuses him with 2 consecutive critical – bats and Guano flies everywhere.

Filion tries to aid the combatants but fumbles big time – again everyone is thinking the exact same thing – praise the one true god Iomedea rather than this drunken has been Cayden Cailean.
The rest of the party attacks the bats like Daniel Russo tries to catch flies at Mr. Miyaki.

The brave party continues further into the tomb – where we enter a circular room with a skeleton on the floor and the sides of the room depicts 4 screaming faces – Darko checks the room for traps and finds nothing. So Balder steps confident forward and releases a trap – the heads sucks out all the air in the room. Balder mumbles “If failure had no penalty success would not be a prize.” We hear crakling sounds from the north and south corridor – which is the forewarning of an undead pack that tries to ambush us!

The battle commences and the barbarian king makes his appearance “who dares to disturb my peas” – at least that’s how it sounds without vocal folds… Balder kills a couple of the skeleton – but Filion cleans house with a wave of positive energy.

The barbarian king proves difficult as the attacks have a hard time hitting him. Ludomir and Darko finally starts to show their worth with a well placed hit with the glaive and a couple of daggers. Balder can’t really get up to speed in this fight – but Darkos daggers are now extremely well honed and are hitting joints left and right. The spoils of war are a magical sword.

8. Wolf and trouble

No new lands were added in an attempt to consolidate the realm.
New houses were built to provide roofs for the new citizents in the cities.

Yet again an eventless month of consolidating the realm. No buildings and no new lands.

7. The Beast Among Us

After days of bright and baking midsummer sun from a clear sky, on 1st of July 4716 the prospering kingdom of Dawnmark saw its warmest day in recorded history. Magister Gargamel only had half a years worth of records of course, but none the less, it was searing hot.

As the party entered the mill, summoned to the interim office of Warden Akiros, it was clear that these were not the best conditions under which to run a makeshift morgue. The bodies of the two unfortunate youngsters that have been brutally assaulted in the last couple of days, gave off a pungent odour of death and decay. A swift burial was imminent. Scratch and bite marks on both the boy and the girl suggested that the party might be on the lookout for a beastly assailant. After the examniation the party conducted a funeral, where Baron Balder’s confident promise of swift apprehension of the evildoer behind these heineous crimes, had an enourmously calming effect on the frightened citizens.

The party examined the place, where the young milk maid Zaki’s body had been found two days ago. A lot of dried-up blood colored the ground just off the north road out of the town. Otherwise there was nothing out of the ordinary to be spotted. Braun, the shepherd, had been found ten minutes further to the north, in the grazing hills. A half eaten sheep stuck out of the bushes, and from here a set of beastly footprints marked a trail back towards Tusker Keep. The party was beginning to put a little more faith into the rumours tossed around town of such a thing as a werewolf.

Speaking to the miller turned innkeeper Steve, still mourning the death of his son John, he told the party that the stranger, that had arrived in town a week ago, Kundal, he had lodging in the room above, besides Akiros, hadn’t been seen the last couple of days. His excessive consumption of beer in the days prior, had been noticed and the silver he put in Steves deep pockets highly appreciated.

After seaching Kundal’s room, finding Zaki’s earrings, the party decided to set up watch outside of town. As the sharp sun had set upon Tuskwater, the Party scouted the hills north of Tusker Keep, in the hope of spotting the beast, but to no avail. After hours with nothing happening, the clock striking midnight, suddently the town bell rang. This was a sign of danger, and Balder and his merry men rushed back into town. Danger has indeed struck as the trader Norben had just been found dead, blood still gushing out of his neck. The beast was on the loose right here in the city. In the name of Aroden, Balder called forth his discerning powers of detecting the evil around him. A scream sundered the midnight quiet. It came from the north, where the evil pressence felt most stong. As the party burst into Arikos’s makeshift barracks, in a small town house, they knew they had found the right place.

Before them stood a furry beast. 7 foot tall and on its hind legs this wolf-creatures evil red eyes stared right into the soul of Darko and the others, jumping in with their weapons drawn. Boon the swift, was the first to jump round the creature, and Balder and Ludomir attacked it head on. Darko rolled over a couple of beds to get in a good position to flank the creature. A few hit went into the fur of this fierce enemy, but a lot of them, be it cause of the fear had sticken the hearts of the party or just pure unluck, ended in a fumble. Clawing an biting from the beast soon struck both Darko and Boon to the ground, but finally as the beast had given up the battle and tried to flee, Ludomir and Balder put it to rest. After a few minutes, the body of a huge wolf turned into the body of a huge man, covered in blood but still alive. He was quickly imprisoned, while the party sought to find a cure for this terrible disease called lycanthropy. Bokken, the old hermit from the shack up north was summoned, and helped manufacture a potion of wolfsbane, that luckily had the wanted effect on Kundal. He was now free of the ill faith that had fallen upon him, and was back to being a man, that bore a great sorrow over what he had done.

As the month of July went by, and even though the lands of Chief Soothscale’s old band was added into the kingdom marking the newly found friendship among the races, the stories of werewolf attacks spread much unrest in the nation of Dawnmark.

6. 'tis but a small lizard

1st to 31st of June 4716

In their ever going march to expand the mighty empire of Baron Balder, the leadership of Dawnmark set out to kill a lizard people were afraid of. Balder, Darko, Boon and Ludomir were presumably not afraid at all, well, apart from Boon being afraid of the dark.

They found the hill where the target resided and decide not to shove the halfling into the first small entrance they find in the hill. Instead they look further until they found a staircase going deep into the ground. They followed a tunnel a few paces before hearing a woman cry for help. Boon remembered what is was like to be a maiden in despair a long time ago so she lead the group through the caves, despite her fear of the dark. She was helped only by her torch and the small glints of golden ore in the walls of the caves.

Boon is confused when the woman’s call leads her to a dead end with no woman in sight. Balder and Ludomir, who didn’t believe they ear quite as blindly, stopped in the bigger cave they passed through and readied themselves. They felt the ground shake as the huge lizard entered the cave. “I am Taros” it bellowed, as it dawned on the Dawnish group that the red lizard in fact was a dragon like the ones from legend. “I have lived in the caves for ages and you have come to steal my gold! You are not welcome here!”, the dragon spoke before unleashing a breath of fire on the adventurers.

In the following battle both Taros the Dragon hit powerful attacks with tail, claws, teeth and last but not least fire. He only seems scared by the Baron Balder, who has potent attacks to match, but even Balder has to stop and heal his burns. The dragon takes this chance to roast Boon and beat on Darko. After a short while both Boon and Darko lie on the ground, bleeding, and Ludomir seems to have vanished, not from cowardice, but he said something about a train. Only left is the dragon and the paladin, but the dragon is bleeding and the paladin is confident. Balder lifts his sword and yells something akin to “For Aroden!” as he deals the final blow.

Balder heals and wakes his companions, and they realize that the cave is empty except for corpses of rats and slightly less fortunate adventurers. Back at the Keep the celebrated leadership send a group to clean out the new goldmine while they talk to the local taxidermist about the dragon head.

Ludomir is also reminded of the unfinished business that Nettle asked them to do a while back. So they do the dirty work and dig up the corpse of the Staglord and dump it the river. The hand of the ghost of Nettle rise from the water and throw a glaive up on the bay.

Managing the baronhood goes a bit awry in the this month as the first gold transport from the mine is lost. When the leadership returns again from the mines they are met with the rumor of sheperds and milk girls being slaughtered and shredded violently…


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